Under the SunGuide® Software Umbrella

Staying Current with Advancements

SunGuide® software, Florida’s statewide advanced traffic management software, has evolved since inception in 2003. As we know, change is inevitable and SunGuide software has been no different. The software has undergone changes over time to meet users’ needs and stay current with technological advancements.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) makes modifications to SunGuide software based on input or feedback from stakeholders. These modifications typically range from need for support of new devices, to improvements in user functionality, to modifications to user interface. Typically, FDOT receives several modification requests; therefore, it is critical to prioritize the requests. FDOT carefully reviews each request, which are then reviewed by the Change Management Board (CMB). The CMB meets quarterly to discuss changes that need approval prior to implementation. Each change is vetted before a decision is made. Once a change is approved, of prioritizing the change and allocating it to an upcoming software release.

FDOT's release specific information can be found here: http://sunguidesoftware.com/releases.

FDOT will continue to maintain the software and ensure that it meets Florida’s traffic management needs.