SunGuide Release 7.2

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Monitor and Regulate DMS Fonts

  • Support to retrieve DMS configuration and automatically configure signs
  • Monitor the font being displayed on each DMS and push to the DMS if the designated font is not present

Links on Map

  • Display tooltip for multiple overlapping links at the same location

Audit Chronology

  • Update the AUDIT chronology entry to use the timestamp when the audit was performed

Case Sensitivity in Object Names

  • Enforce case insensitive name validation in all configuration dialogs

Planned Events

  • Support for planned events, and associated blockage and response plans.

Roadway Naming

  • Support for configuring primary and secondary roadways

ICMS Integration

  • Integration with Econolite, Tactics and Trascore traffic controller software
  • EM and Operator Map integration to notify users when ICM suggests a response plan

Event List Row Highlighting

  • Support for customizable row height in Event List

Permanent Status Filter

  • Support to filter on all OpStatus values in device status windows, even if no devices are currently in that state

Color/Non-Color Messages in SAS

  • Support for SAS to send a single message to both color and non-color DMS as part of a predefinned plan

Generic Pupose Input/Output Subsystem

  • General Purpose Input/Ouput (GPIO) integration
  • Support for Bridge Alerts in GPIO

Executive Notifications

  • Updated UI to support managin and sending executive notifications
  • Enhanced support to automatically detect events that meet executive notification criteria

EM Intersections

  • Support for events at intersection locations

WWD Crash Descriptor

  • Support for Wrong Way Driver as a crash descriptor