SunGuide 5.1.1 Release Notes

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Admin Editor

  • Renamed UDP and TCP protocols for Transcore devices (FP 2084)

Center to Center

  • Subscriber now logs the text description of the location information in the database (FP 1687)

Data Archive

  • DA now writes classification reads to the CSV files (FP 2137)

Dynamic Message Signs / Message Arbitration Subsystem

  • MAS was made aware of DMS status. DMS will now attempt to stay in sync with the MAS queue.
  • MAS now uses the database to persist MAS queues through a restart

Event Management

  • Configurable option to use long name in email for roadway description and ref point (FP 1530)
  • Multiple contacts with the same name are now allowed. Must be different agencies (FP 1748)
  • New mapping of event types to human readable response plan event types (FP 1744)

Probe Fusion Driver

  • Additional configuration and driver changes to support an advanced filtering and averaging algorithm

Reporting Subsystem

  • Excel reports now generate in a data only format

Safety Barrier Alert Driver

  • New driver for Safety Barrier alerts. SB Alerts will now go through IDS. Alerts and operator responses will be logged in the database

SPARR Driver

  • Driver now supports a close event command


















Hotfixes for Release 5.1.1

Fixes included in Release 5.1.1:


Admin Editor

  • TSS detector and protocol matches are enforced (FP 1813)
  • No longer trims name of ramp meter on edit/delete (FP 2071)
  • Fails and alerts user when attempting to edit a TVT link when one of the TSS links has been deleted (FP 2076)
  • No longer allows trailing or leading whitespace on DMS signs (FP 2145)

Automatic Vehicle Location

  • Fixed RR stop alert issues (FP 1998)
  • SPARR Driver checks to see if driver is already logged in (FP 2001)
  • Fixed issue of database logging when driver is running but is not connected to the proxy (FP 2211) 

Center to Center

  • Additional information stored on floodgates (FP 1687)
  • Fixed issue with status website icons (FP 2120)
  • Fixed C2C disconnect/reconnect issues (FP 2121)
  • Fixed issue sending event start time for Unconfirmed events (FP 2242)

Data Archive

  • Restructured DMS query to allow for faster execution (FP 2086, 2283)

Dynamic Message Signs

  • Packet length on a UDP port server message was increased for larger messages (FP 1927)
  • Fixed log in issue with DMS (FP 2108, 2127)
  • Time sync is now configurable (FP 2193)

Event Management

  • Chronology entries when using multiple events now show DMS posting messages correctly (FP 1223)
  • Chronology now automatically refreshes after receiving successful response from FLATIS (FP 1382)
  • Multi-word abbreviations allowed (FP 1827)
  • Always add chronology records when Activating/Terminating response plans for each item (even if unchanged) (FP 1902)
  • Added ability to set quantities for activities of RRs (FP 1997)
  • Exit Number is now available for use in templates (FP 2045)
  • Added ability to delete activities from an event (FP 2052)
  • No longer use “—Between—“ when replacing template messages (FP 2082)
  • Chronology shows when a response plan is published (FP 2113)
  • Emails are now generated and sent to multiple recipients instead of individual emails (FP 2207)
  • Fixed RPG distance calculations (FP 2219)

Incident Detection Subsystem

  • FHP Alerts are created as Unconfirmed if no trooper arrival is present (FP 1740)


  • Now allows multiple SetIds (FP 2027, 2096)
  • Uses the Full Name if the Roadway name is missing (FP 2155)

Message Arbitration Subsystem

  • Better handling of timeouts when using merged travel time messages (FP 1941, 2215)

Operator Map

  • Audited contacts with no name can now be saved (FP 1816)
  • Editing and drawing a TSS link has been corrected (FP 2039)
  • Ramp Meter list no longer loses focus when refreshing  (FP 2064)
  • Spelling conflict dialog closes when all conflicts are resolved (FP 2085)
  • Fixed find on map for RSE (FP 2106)
  • Fixed issue with custom-defined fonts on DMS signs (FP 2133)

Pricing Subsystem

  • Segment Rate Schedules with the same start time are now allowed (FP 2035)

Ramp Metering Subsystem

  • Fixed issue sending updates on modification of ramp meters (FP 2112)