SunGuide Release 9.0

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SG-1053 - Add Search Options in Reports

  • Add dropdown filter in the reporting filter options for configured "Comment Types"
  • Add Comment keyword search textbox.

SG-2964 - Mapping Logical Devices

  • Map multiple Logical Devices to the same physical device.

SG-3047 - Selecting Multiple Cameras

  • Multi-select cameras into new video wall window from map.

SG-3232 - FHP and TSS Alerts

  • Associating FHP and TSS  Alerts to already created events.

SG-4385 - Add Per-Day Filter to Device Reports

  • Provide checkbox that allows time range selection per-day, as opposed to the start and end date only.

SG-4562 - SPARR Nearest Camera

  • Nearest camera to be automatically set when an event is created by a Road Ranger.

SG-4758 - RWIS Alerts

  • Add Alert Type and Value to RWIS alerts.

SG-4784 - Add Keyword Search in Reports

  • Add filter in Event Management reports for "Comment Type" and Comment keyword search.

SG-4941 - Emails for Device Issues

  • The system is to detect large-scale device outages and alert a designated group of users via email.

SG-5364 - Vehicle Dispatch Enhancement Request

  • Notify TMC Operators if a dispatched Road Ranger Vehicle arrives at a different event than the one that operator assigned them to.

SG-5668 - WWD Detection

  • The system is to detect large-scale device outages and alert a designated group of users via email.

SG-5682 - WWD Response Plan Location

  • This enhancement will move WWD and Visibility to the location-specific event types.
  • The location will be added to the response plan email.

SG-5876 - Issue 564 Phase 3

  • This issue tracks Phase 3 of Issue 564 which involves deprecating rather than deleting older devices in the system.
  • Phase 3 will fix items in the system used less frequently such as HAR and Ramp Meetering.

SG-6131 - Vehicle Make and Model Automatically Approved

  • The DMS subsystem will subscribe to the EM subsystem for the Make and Model list and use that as approveed words along with the Approved Words list.

SG-6135 - SunGuide EM Ribbon Update

  • Reconfiguration of the EM Ribbon for better functionality.

SG-6193 - Enhance the Contact Section in SunGuide

  • This enhancement will allow choosing a stored contact as well as the ability to enter a contact manually.
  • The enhancement will also make the timestamp field editable.

SG-6201 - Add EM Audit Events to DAR XML Feed

  • EM audit changes will appear in the XML feed provided by DAR whenever they are made and will thereby be available to external consumers.

SG-6312 - Device and Link Geographic Filtering Added to C2C Subscriber

  • This enhancement will allow filtering of devices and traffic condition link data within C2C Subscriber before data is pushed on in order to minimize the amount of data that C2C Subcriber pushes to the operator map and other components.
  • Filtering should allow defining geographic regions per device/data type (defined by county, roadway, and/or Latitude/Longitude), whitelisting devices and data within the defined regions.

SG-6355 - Security Improvements

  • Enhancements required to improve the security of SunGuide, i.e.:
    • Secure interprocess communications (TLSv3)
    • Replace MD5 hashes for more secure password options

SG-6367 - LCS Module for SunGuide

  • Request is for implementation of an LCS system for a D2 project.

SG-6397 - RISC Module Chronology Report

  • This enhancement is for a new report that will show timestamps and associated comments for RISC incidents in the SunGuide RISC module.

SG-6417 - Configure RPG Distance for DMS Messages

  • The request is for the ability to set the RPG distance for DMS messages to a configured value when tehre is no travel lane blockage.

SG-6463 - Status Log Level Monitor

  • The system will provide a notification for any process that logs data to the SunGuide status log and is set to slDetail or slDebug for a long period of time.