SunGuide Software Releases

SunGuide software is delivered in a versioned package called a release. Releases contain everything needed to install and configure the system in a ready environment by a knowledgeable technical administrator. They are sequential and are identified by a version number. Each release contains enhancements to the software that have gone through the change management process or are modifications to correct deficiencies in the software that do not change the originally intended operation.

Releases are typically planned and scheduled around larger enhancements and include smaller enhancements and fixes that fit within a reasonable schedule and budget, but that can tag along and be included in the release as a delivery mechanism. There are several different sizes of releases.

  • Major Releases (e.g. Release 5 – typically called Release 5.0, but note that there is a single non-zero number) bring significant functionality changes in the software.
  • Moderate Releases (e.g. 5.1 – two non-zero numbers) will involve a noticeable change but not necessarily a major change.
  • Minor releases (e.g. 5.1.2) will involve a minor, possibly unnoticeable set of changes and fixes.

Once the software modifications are completed, releases are packaged, tested, and distributed to users.

The Version Description Document describes the current release and includes a history of other SunGuide releases in great detail. Below is a list of the highlights from each SunGuide release.

SunGuide Release 7.1 (March, 2018)

  • GUI redesign
  • NTCIP Ramp Meter Integration
  • TAPCO WWD Device Integration
  • Device Permissions

SunGuide Release 7.0 (March, 2017)

  • GUI redesign
  • Truck Parking Subsystem
  • Traffic Signal Subsystem
  • Managed Lanes Subsystem

SunGuide Release 6.2 (July, 2016)

  • Wrong Way Driving, Phase 2
  • Waze, Phase 2
  • Operator Map out of IE into WPF
  • BlueMAC and Arterial Probe Algorithm
  • Many other various minor enhancements

SunGuide Release 6.1 (June, 2015)

  • RWIS
  • Beacons
  • New Installer
  • Wrong-Way Detection

SunGuide Release 6.0 (July, 2013)

  • Full Color Full Matrix DMS
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compatibility
  • Bluetooth Detection Support

SunGuide Release 5.1.1 (June, 2012)

  • Safety Barrier Alerts
  • Improved Probe Fusion Driver

SunGuide Release 5.1 (November, 2011)

  • Connected Vehicle

SunGuide Release 5.0.5 (February, 2011)

  • Smartphone application for road rangers

SunGuide Release 5.0.4 (February, 2011)

  • Third Party traffic conditions data feed

SunGuide Release 5 (June, 2010)

  • New Operator Map overhaul using image tiles

SunGuide Release 4.3 (February, 2012)

  • XML Interface for Express Lanes Clients
  • Express Lanes Updates
  • Toll Viewer Updates
  • Floodgate Library and Multi-set Floodgates
  • Slow Polling of failed ITS devices
  • TSS Alarm Thresholds

SunGuide Release 4.2 (May, 2009)

  • Florida Highway Patrol / Computer Aided Dispatch Interface

SunGuide Release 4.1 (January, 2009)

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification/License Plate Reader for Traffic Sensor Data
  • Probe Fusion of traffic detection technologies

SunGuide Release 4 (December, 2008)

  • SAE Codes for posting Events to FL-ATIS 511 system
  • Floodgate messages to FL-ATIS 511 system
  • Alternate Roads
  • DTN Weather

SunGuide Release 3.1 (April, 2008)

  • Express Lanes Event Management
  • Express Lanes Pricing
  • Reporting
  • Toll Viewer

SunGuide Release 3 (December, 2007)

  • Revised Event Management
  • Revised Response Plan Generation
  • Revised Reporting Subsystem
  • Event Viewer,
  • Operational Data Store (Archiving in the database)
  • Incident Detection Subsystem (IDS)
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)/Road Ranger(RR)
  • 511 Phone system support and Webserver
  • Variable Speed Limits
  • American Dynamics CCTV driver
  • Configuration Editor

SunGuide Release 2.2.2 (October, 2006)

  • Added Scheduled Actions

SunGuide Release 2.2 (October, 2006)

  • Event Management Performance Measures (EMPM)
  • Road Ranger Subsystem
  • Citilog VisioPaD

SunGuide Release 2 (October, 2005)

  • Trailblazers
  • Safety Barrier
  • Roadside Weather Information Systems
  • Highway Advisory Radio
  • Ramp Metering
  • Center-to-Center
  • Web Server
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Inventory and Maintenance Subsystem
  • Data Archiving
  • Travel Times

SunGuide Release 1 (June, 2005)

  • User Interface
  • Status Logger
  • Executive Handler
  • Databus
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Video (CCTV Cameras, Monitors, Walls)
  • Traffic Sensor Subsystem
  • Incident Management