SunGuide Release 8.2

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SG-3926 - Assign CCTV to DMS

  • Add a shortcut to the DMS dialog for an associated camera.
  • Shortcut will allow quick access to that camera's video stream and speed up DMS verification.

SG-4891 - Rewrite the CCTV NTCIP Driver in C#

  • Rewrite CCTV NTCIP Driver from Java to C#.

SG-5143 - Chronology report filtering

  • Provide the option to choose what to include in the chronology.

SG-5456 - Add clarifying language to Event Chronology

  • "TMC Notified" will populate if the box is checked.
  • "TMC Notified by" in the event the box is not checked.

SG-5557 - Setting WWD to Maintenance Mode

  • Add the ability to set the WWD site to maintenance mode via the WWD interface.

SG-5706 - Timestamp for Executive Notification emails

  • Add Chronology entry for when Executive Notification emails are sent.

SG-5806 - Add multiple activities to Responders

  • Ability to add multiple activities to responser at one time as opposed to adding one activity at a time.

SG-5810 - Copy a SAS Plan

  • Add the ability to copy an existing SAS plan.

SG-5875 - Issue 564 - Phase 2

  • Add the ability to depricate older devices as opposed to deleting them.

SG-6015 - TPAS Verification

  • Add new functionality to the TPS subsystem to verify available spaces.
  • To be used for CO reporing.
  • A prompt will occur at a configurable time for each site with the relevant CCTV and sign information.

SG-6120 - Save new item configuration despite errors

  • Allow saving configuration of items without errors despite errors in other items of the same type.

SG-6142 - Tracking Operator Map failures

  • Add a "Submit Crash Report" option for Operator Map failures.