SunGuide Release 6.0 Notes (Released July 2013)

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Admin Editor

  • Added a configurable minimum volume for a lane to produce a TSS alert based on speed or occupancy

Automatic Vehicle Location

  • Bulk Updates for AVL/RR (FP 1591)
  • AVL Alerts need to be logged (FP 1999)

Action Subsystem

  • Scheduled Action Subsystem revision to handle Camera Actions, DMS Sequences and Travel Time Display

Data Archive

  • Lane averages will be volume weighted in the rolling average
  • Link averages will be volume weighted as a rolling average as well as a poll cycle average of the lanes
  • Added a configurable option for running report against a database that is not the primary SunGuide Database (FP 2439)
  • TSS validation of speeds using the reported volume value
  • Travel time message templates can be displayed with no units

Driver Support

  • TransCore Encompass driver support of the TCP and status message

Dynamic Message Signs / Message Arbitration Subsystem

  • NTCIPv2 Color/Graphics support for DMS signs
  • Ownership of DMS messages when using predefined response plans/generated response plans (FP 1498)
  • Store priority in DMS message library (FP 2301)

Event Management

  • Allow Construction/Planned Construction events to have "zones" like Congestion (FP 1579)
  • Populate contact phone numbers if contact is already defined in EM (FP 1634)
  • Add vehicle alert (amber, silver, leo) templates (FP 2370)
  • EIS G4 detector support

Operator Map

  • "Nearest CCTV" doesn't populate with geographically closest cameras (FP 1455)
  • Video on Desktop including a software video decoder for viewing video directly from the Operator Map

Server Compatibility

  • Dual Support of Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Renaming now supported on devices










Fixes included in Release 6.0:


Admin Editor

  • Fixed issue with vehicle Operator configurations in AVL (FP 2172)

Automatic Vehicle Location

  • Fixed stop alerts triggering at the incorrect times (FP 2161)
  • Fixed issue logging RR activities sent by the Operator Map when running the RRXML driver with no incoming connection on that driver (FP 2347)

Dynamic Message Signs

  • Fixed clock syncing issue causing DMS to stay in a pending state (FP 2163)
  • Fixed issue causing DMS to sporadically stop sending status updates (FP 2352)

Event Management

  • Fixed issue creating lane blockage records through auditing (FP 1492)
  • Fixed issue of logging a DMS response in an event response plan when activating a unrelated sequence on a sign used by the response plan (FP 2195)
  • Fixed issue activating a response plan on a DMS that used the “Default DMS” template (FP 2225)
  • Fixed issue audit a section of the event next to a part that had also be previously audited. (FP 2294)


  • Fixed issue in Operator Map that allowed user to input an incorrect value that would cause Ramp Metering firmware to stop functioning correctly (FP 1636)
  • Events created from a TSS alert will default to a “Congestion” event type (FP 2243)
  • Fixed issue setting English and Spanish Floodgates using the set multiple option (FP 2273)
  • GUI now populates the Mile Marker field if the mile marker is defined (FP 2307)
  • Fixed issue not requiring an activity to be set before departing a Road Ranger. (FP 2355)
  • GUI now allows sorting by Columns on the Travel Times tab (FP 2423)


  • Introduced a publish flag to the INRIX links so a district can choose to not publish particular links on the FLATIS site. (FP 2336)

Jupiter Driver

  • Fixed issue where Jupiter driver would not start using the Executive Handler (FP 2337)
  • Fixed issue on Jupiter Driver startup when using the IP as the hostname (FP 2367)

Message Arbitration Subsystem

  • Fixed issue where beacons would not be set for the VSLs (FP 2368)
  • Fixed issue where MAS would not honor the operator approval override flag in the config file (FP 2361)


  • Fixed issue where video was unable to be switched via the MCP (FP 2129)


  • Fixed issue setting the controller to the active state (FP 2354)


  • Fixed issue overwriting existing reports if a report with the same name is attempted to be uploaded (FP 2310)

RTMS Driver

  • Fixed CRC check and the ability to set the detector to Wavetronix HD through Admin Editor (FP 2366)
  • Fixed issue generating XML for the Canoga detectors (FP 2380)


  • Fixed a logging issue that would log classification data was not present even though the data was not mandatory (FP 2362)