SunGuide Release 8.1

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SG - 3335 - Travel Time Alerts

  • Alerts can be configured for changes in travel times.

SG - 2510 - Removed Items in Response Plan

  • Items in response plans now indicate the previous plan items, and the changes being made to the current plan.

SG - 4209 – Polylines

  • Events can now be shown as a polyline including multiple locations.

SG - 4985 - Response Plan Radius

  • The system can be configured to set the search radius for devices in a response plan based on the event type.

SG - 3143 - Status Log Filters

  • The look and feed of the Status Logger filter have been changed to show more infomration and additional filtering options.

SG - 2364 - Log Username

  • The username of the user that changed the device status is now logged in the Status Logger.

SG - 5251 - WWD Images

  • WWD alerts are now sent for all activation, even if an existing alert for that device has not been handled.
  • Storage of the images for each alert are now separate to ensure no overwrite is possible.

SG - 564 - Deleted Devices

  • CCTV, DMS, and TSS devices are now deprecated when deleted (as opposed to removed).
  • SAA users are now deprecated.
  • Reports have been modified to allow reporting against these deprecated items.

SG - 5065 - Active Directory

  • The system now supports the use of Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) for users.

SG - 4781 - VLC Lib

  • The VLC version for the map was upgraded to the latest version.

SG- 3338 - SAS Floodgate

  • Floodgates can now be scheduled through the SAS system.

SG - 3925 - Road Ranger Beat

  • Event Reports can now use the Road Ranger Beat as a filter.

SG - 2493 - Arterial DMS changes

  • Map filters for Arterial and Non-Arterial DMS are now avaialable.
  • Users can create device groups to show and hide devices on the map.

SG - 5278 - BOS Integration

  • The use of Blank Out Signs is now supported including adding them to predefined and standard response plans.

SG - 5236 - TPAS Alert

  • An email can be generated when a space in a truck parking facility has been occupied for longer than a configurable timeframe for use to trigger a potential welfare check.

SG - 4965 - SPARR Mileage

  • Mileage is now an optional field when using the SPARR application for use in mileage tracking for the vehicles.

SG - 3488 - DMS Priority Changes

  • Priority can now be set for a group of signs without changing messaging on any of the signs.
  • The messaging of a group of signs can now be changed without affecting the priority of the message.

SG - 3336 - Associate Event

  • Alerts previously associated to an event will automatically select that event when a new update to the alert appears.

SG - 4936 - Roadway Filters

  • Performance Meaasures reports can now be filtered on Roadway.

SG - 2570 - Comments on Events

  • Comments can now be added to closed events without reopening or taking ownership.

SG - 4815 - Response Plan Congestion Tail

  • If the response plan congestion tail is set for an event, the messaging will use the tail loaction for response plan messaging.

SG - 5359 - WWD Alert Changes

  • Layout of the WWD alerts was changed to allow larger images when the alert is selected.

SG - 5170 - Waze Alert Filter

  • Waze alert filtering now has the option of blacklisting roadways in areas that may not be covered by the TMC.

SG - 5376 - Nearest Camera

  • Nearest camera for an event was added to the C2C data for 3rd parties to injest.

SG - 3800 - Accurate Locations

  • Operators can set a more accurate lat/lon for an event based on clicking the map or taking the location from an onsite Road Ranger.

SG - 5156 - Timestamp Logic

  • Logic checks were added to the Event Responders field to ensure the operators are aware of potentially missing or incorrect timestamps before closing an event.

SG - 3962 - Open CCTV

  • Options to open a video feed for the nearest CCTV were added to the Event List and Event Details dialogs.

SG - 3745 -  Organization Selection

  • Organization is now a selectable field as part of event creation.

SG - 5410 - Executive Notification Changes

  • Additional configuration options on who should receive Executive Notifications were added.
  • An option to dismiss the Executive Notification was added. The notification can re-trigger at a later point if needed.

SG - 3499 - Ramp Closed

  • Wording was modified to a consistent "Closed" vs "Blocked" language across the state.

New Device Support added

  • Carmanah WWD
  • GovComm WWD
  • TrafficVision WWD
  • K&K (Avigilon) WWD
  • WebRelay for Overheight Detection
  • WebRelay for Blank Out Signs
  • DataPath Video Wall