SunGuide Release 8.0

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Event Attributes

  • Adding custom attributes to events for better logging and reporting.

TSS Link Thresholds

  • Link Thresholds are now configured in groups as opposed to each individual link.

Pre-defined plans with real time Event data

  • Pre-defined Plans can now use event specific tags that are replaced with information from the event when deployed.

NOAA Weather Feed

  • Adding integration of the NOAA weather feed.

Spell Checking

  • Spell Check added to free text fields for easier error identification.

Permission updates

  • Adding more granular permissions and a permission description update.

Auditing Secondary Events

  • Administrators can now audit the secondary events associated to an event.

Deprecating Old Schedule Items

  • Old Schedule items are now deprecated and removed from the active cache for better map performance when scheduling items.

Notify Manager monitoring updates

  • C2C now supports a telemetry request indicating active processes and usage by each district.
  • Process and Map memory thresholds are now configurable for alerting.

Sort orders by Roadway

  • Organizing Sort Orders on roadways to be consistent across counties to help with reporting across counties.

Auditing Operator Comments

  • Administrators can now add/modify/delete comments after the event is closed.

Scheduling Permission Changes

  • Permission can be modified based on schedules allow access to devices on off hours only.

County Configuration

  • County is now configurable for all devices.

Camera Blocking

  • Camera Block no longer requires an associated video switching source for ease of configuration.

Truck Parking

  • Individual parking sensors are now monitored for status and errors.

AVL Alert snooze

  • Operators can snooze alerts from stopped or geofence violated vehicle to check on them later to make sure the situation is resolved.

Out of Service Cameras

  • Out of Service cameras are now ignored when searching for the nearest camera to an event.

Emails in Response Plans

  • Users are now warned when the email within a response plan is not updated to date with the current event information.

Contact Notification

  • Administrators can now configure contacts related to a region. Response plan emails will now only pick up the emails for contact assigned to the region where the event is located.

Event Cloning

  • Injury data is no longer transferred when Cloning an event.

Email Template for Response Plans

  • Emails templates can now be created to match specific event types.

Event Details Title Changes

  • Window titles for an event now contain the event number and specific location.

Device Sequencing

  • When traversing the roadway to pick up devices to use with a response plan, the system now handles loops in the data as well as connections that would pick up devices on the opposite side of the roadway (if misconfigured).

DMS Layouts

  • DMS now supports graphics alignments for top, middle, bottom, and left, middle, right. The system also supports inline graphics.

Response Plans Priorities

  • Response plans can now be configured to put DMS signs in a specific priority range based on event type.

New Field for Events

  • Events now support an FHP Case Number field.

DMS Graphics in Event Templates

  • Graphics are now manually configurable for each devices in response plan templates.

Audit Injury Types for Events

  • Administrators can now audit the injury type of an event after the event is closed.

Updating Events in a timely fashion

  • Operators are now alerted when an event is not updated in a configured amount of time.

Event Grouping

  • Events can be grouped by events that are owned by the system and not operators.

Missing Travel Time Data

  • Administrators are sent an email warning that a travel built on data from another center is no longer being published by that center.

DMS Phases

  • The maximum number of phases for a DMS message is now configurable at a system level.

NTCIP Cameras

  • Cameras are now explicitly sent a Manual mode command before performing manual operations on the camera.

Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC)

  • A new module was created to track RISC efforts including contacts, equipment used, and the times to clear the scene.

Remote Command Application (RCA)

  • SunGuide installations can now directly connect to each other and share data with the same interface they control their own local system. This will be used to share data as well as take over in emergency operations situations.


  • To accommodate installations across timezones, the system now support timestamps from multiple timezones in the same installation.