SunGuide Software's Approach to Systems Engineering

SunGuide software uses the systems engineering process through the software development life cycle.

The Standish Group, a national research firm, conducted a study in 1994 and found that only 16 percent of all software-intensive system development projects were deemed successful. With software intensive projects, there are significant risks relating to budgeting, scheduling, and identifying stakeholder needs. Studies performed by the International Council on Systems Engineering show that investing in systems engineering improved the project cost-performance ratio and increased the potential for project success.


The graphic to the right illustrates the systems engineering process used for SunGuide software development. Stakeholders were involved through all stages of the development life cycle, starting with the concept of operations, then leading to the systems requirements and detailed requirements, and the software design process. This allows several opportunities for the stakeholders to better understand the software concept and to offer suggestions for modifications that better fit their needs. After the development of the software enhancements, the software undergoes significant testing before deployment at transportation management centers.

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