SunGuide Release 6.1

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Bulk Insert Tool

  • Added a bulk insert tool for devices (FP 2438)


  • Data timestamp shown on C2C link dialog, Link Data Popups and Tooltips (FP 2595, 2735)
  • Added filtering by C2C Network ID to Data Archiving for RITIS (DAR) (FP 2912)


  • Added a CCTV Driver to support the ONVIF protocol
  • Added ability to configure and use remote center CCTV video streams within Video on Desktop
  • Increased CCTV video stream info URL from 100 to 1000 characters (FP 2902)
  • CCTV zoom with Bosch Autodome (FP 2185)

Config File/Editor

  • Added a configuration file editor for config file validation
  • Config Editor support for .NET 4.5
  • Automatically loads the config file schema into the config editor
  • Updated configuration documentation
  • Config Editor user enhancements

Dynamic Message Signs

  • Re-implemented DMS Groups (FP 2563)

Event Management

  • Added a Response plan status for events which will require termination of a response plan prior to the close of an event (FP 1769, 2862)
  • Added the ability to schedule response plan from SAS


  • Improved the installer and installation process
  • Re-arranged the Report Templates in the installation media (FP 2522)
  • New Map Tiles with Installer
  • Navteq Map Data included with Installer Tools (FP 2672)


  • Added the Nokia Publisher to the SunGuide installation

Operator Map

  • Added a beacon management subsystem to control beacon activation/deactivation
  • Integrated the login and subsystem dialogs into the Operator Map


  • Added AWAM and Sirit Flex 520x Protocols (FP 2801, 2802)


  • Added NTCIP version 2 and version 3 compliance for RWIS devices
  • Created an RWIS simulator for all versions of NTCIP supported by SunGuide
  • Added the ability for the software to alert users on RWIS readings exceeding defined thresholds


  • Modified the permission architecture of the system to unifiy with the TxDOT permission model
  • Unified Executive Handler with TxDOT

Wrong Way Driving

  • Added support for the Click!512 device to detect Wrong Way Driving incidents
  • Added alerting based on Wrong Way Driving event detections

Video On Desktop

  • Added camera list to VOD dialog (FP 2716)
  • Improved VOD PTZ (FP 2730, 2887)
  • VLC Digital Interactive Zoom Functionality from VOD (FP 2508)


Fixes included in Release 6.1:



  • Fixed an issue with password changes affecting authentication with the BlueTOAD subsystem (FP 2763)
  • Added BlueTOAD Subsystem to the SunGuide Installation (FP 2799)


  • Added timestamps to the C2C link data (FP 2735)


  • Add ability to add a camera for Video on Desktop purposes but has no camera controls (FP 2730)


  • Fixed issue with ODS tables having multiple parent records (FP 1589)
  • Fixed issue with ODS tables picking up a name change of a DMS (FP 2702)

Dynamic Message Signs

  • Added the ability to use contractions in the approved word list (FP 2397)
  • Fixed issue editing DMS message Library messages (FP 2822)
  • Fixed permission issue in DMS (FP 2841)
  • Fixed issue with maximum message length to be logged in the Database (FP 2852)

Event Management

  • Fixed issue with unresponsive SMTP server not allowing a response plan to fully activate (FP 2335)


  • Added option stretch Video on Desktop windows by default (FP 2458)
  • Added Digital Zoom Functionality (FP 2508)
  • Fixed issue randomly causing a deadlock on logins (FP 2626)
  • Filtered list of events in the re-publish event dialog (FP 2633)
  • Added a list of available cameras within Video On Desktop (FP 2716)


  • Fixed issue with ordering of subsystem in config file or missing drivers from config file (FP 2647)
  • Added ability to filter out alerts based on what changed in the alert (FP 2675)


  • Moved operation files from the installation folders to configurable locations (FP 2204, 2205)
  • Added Navteq data to the installation media (FP 2672)
  • Added workstation/server time sync requirement to the VDD (FP 2738)
  • Updated the ERWIN Database model (FP 2742)


  • Enhanced reporting to include a report queue, scheduled reports, and email reports (FP 2100, 2729)


  • Added a time sync ability for Wavetronix and Wavetronix HD detectors (FP 2456)
  • Added the AWAM Protocol (FP 2801)
  • Added the Sirit Flex 520x protocol (FP 2802)


  • Added IPStream to the Jupiter video wall (FP 2379)